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Readings and Services

As a psychic medium I offer two styles of readings; Psychic readings & Mediumship readings. 

Psychic readings are great for clients seeking clarity and guidance in any area of their life, such as; Career, Relationships, Psychic Gifts, Awakening Process, Trauma, Healing, Past Life, Life Purpose, etc. I also answer any specific questions clients may have.  During these types of reads, I channel information from my clients aura (energy field); in order to find out specific information and offer guidance about their current circumstances.  

Mediumship readings are intended for clients who are seeking proof that their loved ones are with them and to receive messages as well as guidance they have for them. I am able to connect and offer messages from human spirit as well as pet spirits.  I am an evidentiary medium, meaning I offer evidential information and messages from clients passed loved ones. 

I offer individual readings, couples readings, group readings, private parties, gallery style and more. I am able to offer my services remotely (via phone, Skype, etc.) or in-person. I travel to clients homes and offer my services. Clients are also able to come to me; I have a private office in Austin, if I am out of town or not in Austin I offer readings from my place of accommodations. Clients are also more than welcome to seek my services at fairs; whatever makes them most comfortable and works well for them. 

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