What to Expect

What To Expect

When I do Psychic readings I work with Angel Tarot and Oracle cards. I focus on the clients immediate/current circumstances by first tapping into their aura and then doing a quick Tarot spread. From there, I use whichever Oracle cards I am drawn to use to really hone in on the messages the client is intended to hear that day. I do this in order to offer guidance and support for their unique circumstances. I focus on making sure clients walk away with tools and a feeling of empowerment, to handle their particular circumstances. I also like to peak a little into the future to make sure clients like the trajectory they're on. 

During these readings you can expect to get a detailed description of your circumstances and the people as well as places involved; this is because I am able to tap into other people's energy as well as remote view. This is in addition to working with cards. Clients walk away with the guidance and clarity they were seeking prior to their session, without revealing their circumstances to me. 

With Mediumship readings; there are no cards involved and I provide evidentiary proof that your loved ones are with you. Clients can expect to hear evidential proof, such as; deceased loved ones relation to client, how they passed, things they did during their time with us, etc. I also deliver any message I receive from spirit. This usually occurs after a clear connection has been established and I have delivered evidential proof (as described above). 

I am also able to connect with clients pets who have crossed over and deliver messages from them. This is much like a mediumship reading with human spirit as described above. You will get a description of the pet (physical appearance while they were alive), their personality, how they passed, and anything else they choose to share with me to pass on to clients. 

If you have any questions or still not sure which reading style fits your next session - please let me know. I offer both styles of readings during sessions (Psychic/Mediumship). Clients are able to receive a combination of services and readings - just depending on their wants/needs. 

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